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About the Trugbild series:


The work “Trugbild Series – digital collage version” is part of a larger series of about 20 compositions that combine two photographies taken by the artist at different places. Often the combination joins contrasts as south and north, e.g., Portugal  and Germany. Through these compositions the artist unifies and mixes contrasting places, seasons and weather conditions. One may say that he constructs intimate Foulcauldian heterotopias combining different situations and places into a single one. At the same time he creates utopias by trying to unite different places in an imaginary sacred one that can not be realised. The result are Fatas Morganas - in German "Trugbild" like an eye trick that does not exist. The chosen 9 digital collages form a small series that allows the viewer a representative glimpse onto the whole project. There also exists a mixed watercolour/photographic version created by Andre for the Liminality Group Exhibition 2014.

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